What is our denomination? The answer is what denomination is Jesus? We're not of Paul, not of Apollos, not of Calvin, not of Finney, and not of any man. We're of the True Lord Jesus Christ - the Resurrected Son of God, the Eternal Creator God, the Saviour of the world, and the soon-coming Almighty Lord or lords. Are you saved by Jesus and ready to meet Christ today? 

"IN CHRIST WE LIVE" is the name of this Gospel Radio Ministry. We're a Canadian Registered Charity (830226130 RR 0001); and a USA 501(c)(3), tax-deductible, non-profit, non-denominational. All donations from Canadians and Americans are tax deductible, payable to "In Christ We Live." 

Terms: all our radio broadcasts and website is "as-is" and Copyright (just for legal reasons and to protect the content). Yet, you have our permission to use any content on this site, or air any of our videos and broadcasts in local churches, or anywhere (at your expense) without having to ask us, as long as you don't profit by it. For God's Word says, "Buy the truth, and sell it not" (Prov.23:23). This is why everything is free on our website. We have a private policy, meaning, all donor names are kept confidential, and we don't give our donor names to anyone, nor publicize who gives what. For we give unto Jesus for the Lord's work, not unto men. This protects both small and large donor's privacy, such as: a sports athlete, a Company, estate donor, etc.

We preach God's Preserved and True New Testament Textus Receptus Greek into English Authorized King James Word, which is God's True Gospel of Christ that does not deny the one precious faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Christ alone is enough for us, everything we need is in Jesus,

and the Lord is our only glory,

praise, worship and boast here.

‚ÄčOn his late mother's side, the late Perry F. Rockwood's grandson, Daniel Deamone
(graduated Bible School in 1996) is the Christ-ordained preacher to the glory of God. Perry Rockwood began preaching on the radio in 1947 having one of the longest radio ministries in history. Today, the radio torch has been passed to his grandson. 


Jesus died and rose to save YOU.

A warm welcome

Jesus loves YOU...and so do we.